About Us

Daniel J. Bell

Who am I?

After running an in-house IT department at age 23, I set out on my own and founded Bell Tech in 2001 quickly developing a reputation for IT servicing marked by technical expertise, dedication, trustworthiness, discretion and what many have described as a very “chill” and friendly yet utterly professional manner.

Business quickly grew beyond what I could manage as a sole practitioner and I began to build a team of like-minded tech geeks whose training/experience reflect the cornerstone of the Bell Tech philosophy:

You don’t have to see the gears moving to know they’re working the way they’re supposed to. It’s like building your dream house. You don’t need to know what’s behind the walls. What matters is that your house is exactly the way you envisioned it and that it is built to last. That same principle applies to your technology – it’s got to be specifically built to serve your business needs with an emphasis on design, flexibility, efficiency and security – and, most critically, you have to be secure in the knowledge that the foundation is solid. But for those times when problems arise, or your needs change, your Bell Tech team will always know the right hammer to use for the right nail.

What it means for you

Bell Tech is one of the most sought-after IT Managed Service Providers in New York City. Our team now includes 12 people and our clients range from small-to-mid-sized companies in the worlds of finance, health care, entertainment, publishing, New Media, among others.  We operate behind the scenes and will expand our provider base increasing the number of technicians if the job/problem calls for it. In other words, we will put as many boots on the ground as are necessary to get the job done well and get it done right.

We’re on-call 24/7 and our day ends only when the problem is resolved and you are 100% satisfied.

Young creative business people working in the office late in the afternoon.